General Collection Selection Criteria

Because of financial and physical limitations, the library collection must be selective. The following criteria may be considered when selecting materials in any format:
● Present and potential relevance to community needs or interests
● Subject timeliness
● Sustained interest
● Suitability of subject, style and format for the intended audience
● Cost and levels of materials funding
● Importance as a document of the times
● Local, state or regional historical significance
● Relation to the existing collection and to other materials on the subject
● Literary merit or professional reviews
● Authority, accuracy and accessibility of presentation
● Reputation of the author, producer, publisher or creator
● Space constraints
● Physical quality of the material
● Availability

Collection Maintenance

The review and removal of materials from the collection is an ongoing process. Materials that are worn, damaged, outdated, duplicated, or no longer used may be removed from the collection. Other factors taken into consideration are frequency of use, community interest, local authors, and availability of other material on the subject.

Request For Reconsideration

If a patron finds any portion of the library’s collection objectionable, the patron may file a formal request for reexamination of the materials by completing a Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form. The Library Director along with the Board of Trustees will review the form and determine if the item should be withdrawn. All decisions made by the Board of Trustees are final. The material in question will remain in the collection during the reconsideration process.


Gifts of books and other materials are accepted without commitments as to final disposition and with the understanding that they are not necessarily to be added to the collection. The same criteria used for the selection of all other materials will be used in evaluating gift materials. The library retains unconditional ownership of the gift and reserves the right to decide the conditions of display, housing, retention, and access to the materials

Computer and Internet Policy

The Buckland Public Library makes computers and Internet access available in support of the library’s role as a provider of current resources for lifelong learning, social exchange and entertainment.

The library cannot control the nature or content of information accessed on the internet, nor can the library protect users from information they might find offensive. Not all information on the Internet is accurate, current, or complete. Library users are encouraged to be critical consumers and to evaluate the validity of information carefully. If a user has concerns about the quality or content of a site, he should contact the original producer/developer of that site. Users are responsible for the access points they reach. Parents of minor children are responsible for their children’s use of the internet.

Any use of library computers and/or Internet service that interferes with activities of the library, its users or its network is strictly prohibited. Prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to:
● accessing obscenity and pornography
● accessing material harmful to minors
● harassing, bullying, libeling, or slandering
● using the Internet for any other illegal or unethical purpose
● damaging equipment
● altering computer hardware or software, including screen settings
● disrupting electronic communications
● violating copyright or software licensing
● violating another user’s privacy

Behavior Policy

The ensure the Buckland Public Library maintains a safe and healthy environment in which patrons and staff can be free from harassment, intimidation, and threats to their safety and well-being, and in order to protect all library users’ right of access to library facilities, and to protect library resources and facilities from damage, patrons are expected to comply with the following behavior policy:
The building and grounds are tobacco-free and smoke-free. Vaping and e-cigarettes are prohibited.
Disruptive behavior is not permitted. The library staff determines what conduct constitutes disruptive behavior, which shall include, but not be limited to, (1) interfering with another person’s use of the library or with library staff in performance of their duties; (2) using threatening, abusive or profane language; (3) stealing or damaging library property, including attempts to alter software configurations; and (4) creating loud or unreasonable noise that disturbs other patrons, staff or volunteers.
Librarians, staff and volunteers are not responsible for children who are unattended.
Blocking of entrances, exits, or aisles is not permitted.
Library materials must be checked out before removing them from the building. Dangerous weapons are not allowed on library property.
Failure to adhere to this policy may result in the limitation or termination of library privileges by the library director or designees.
Expulsion from the library for more than one week may be appealed in writing to the Library Director.

Adopted by the Buckland Public Library Board of Trustees July 19, 2022